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Shipping Information

Please note that these are U.S. shipping prices.  Please contact Tina for a quote for shipping outside the United States.

United States Shipping and Handling Chart

Regular Packs

If your order is for                Then please add


1 Pack                                      $1.00

2-3 Packs                               $2.50

4+ Packs                                 $3.50

Dimensional, Pencil and Reverse Glass Kits

Multimedia Board Pkgs & Window Mats

If your order is for                          Then please add


1 Kit Multimedia Board or Mat           $2.50

2 Kits Multimedia Board or Mat         $3.60

3 Kits Multimedia Board or Mat         $4.60

4 Kits Multimedia Board or Mat         $6.60

In most cases items will be shipped via U.S. Mail.

Call :803-802-2774