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  • One Day Workshop  $500

  • 2-Day Workshop $475 per day


*Mileage is billed at current IRS reimbursement rate.

A Message from Tina


"Over the years, I have had many wonderful learning experiences with a wide variety of teachers not the least of which were and continue to be my students or as I prefer to call them my “co-creatives”.  I am blessed to be able to continue teaching, designing and learning in a creative business that I enjoy so much".

Member & Teaches at the Following Conventions


  • Society of Decorative Painters (SDP)

  • Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA)

  • National Audubon Society

  • Heart of Ohio Tole Inc.

  • Las Vegas Creative Painting Convention


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Basics of Colored Pencil

In this introduction class students experiment with a variety of surfaces and techniques. A small project may be included in the seminar but the focus is on learning the many ways to use this versatile medium.

Colored Pencil

Most of the packet designs are available as seminar projects. Some projects are 1/2 day and some are full day. Instruction will include a practice session for working with colored pencils on the chosen surface.

Watercolor Pencil

Most of the packet designs are available as seminar projects. Basic instruction and a practice session is included for working with watercolor pencils. Some projects are 1/2 day and some are full day. Projects are usually done on Multimedia Board and techniques for using this surface are included in the introduction portion of the class. 

Dimensional Painting with Acrylics

Dimensional painting includes fun and unusual techniques to create an effect that is intriguing to look at, touch and paint. These projects require a one and 1/2 or two day workshop due to the drying time involved.


Supply cost will include paint, patterns, layout guide, photo and mache’ medium as well as other dimensional products. Surface cost will depend upon choice.

Oil/Alkyd Medium with Pen and Ink

Projects are designed to be completed in a 4 to 6 hour workshop which includes a session on equipment use and care. Supply cost will include surface, patterns, instruction sheets, photo, paint and single mat. Double or special mats may be available on request. Students provide their own choice of pen.

Creatability Learning Series

Seminar includes an in-depth look at the creative process.  Everyone has an innate desire to create, yet many of us have lost touch with inborn creative talents.  Creativity can be rediscovered and developed.  If you can identify the creative process at work, you can apply it to any area of life and you are never too old or too young to think creatively.  This series of 3 to 6 hour workshops are customized to the interests of your group.


Workshops include active participation and note folder.

The Art of Creativity

This workshop is designed to answer basic questions such as what is creativity and why use it. Students will consider the creative processes used by different types of people and how to recognize the steps involved in using their own creative process.

Choosing to Be Creative

This workshop presents specific ideas and activities to stimulate natural creative ability. These include keeping a journal, using a creative collage, setting up research files, and using strategies for overcoming

self-imposed limitations.

Drawing a Path to Creativity

Learning to see by drawing can lead to new ways of creating. This workshop is designed for learning to see before learning to draw.

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